Custom Bullet necklaces. Engraved .50 caliber bullet necklace. sniper bullet necklace. engraved bullet designs.
A sniper is an individual, usually a soldier or law enforcement agent, who specializes in shooting targets with modified rifles from very long distances, usually from a concealed location. Most are skilled in carrying out stealth and camouflage tactics on a battlefield zone. Military snipers are also adept at carrying out methods of infiltration, reconnaissance, and observation techniques.
This coin is a tribute to snipers engaged with the military or with law enforcement. Minted in a proprietary brass alloy, this coin is struck through a special process called "splash minting" which allows for much higher relief and detail and results in a coin that is thicker and heavier than one pressed with a traditional collar die. The coin is given an antique bronze finish, and provided with a black enamel highlight on the reverse. Additionally, a hole is precision-drilled through the coin and a rifle scope eyepiece replica with crosshairs installed. This coin comes packaged in a polybag with a detailed header card.
This coin salutes the efforts of American Marines, who remain committed to helping young terrorists prematurely reach their desired destination.

Minted in a brass alloy, this coin contains an antique bronze finish. Each coin comes packaged with a colorfully descriptive header card that highlights the history and mission of the U.S. Marine Corps.
The sniper necklace, also referred to as a HOG tooth necklace, is one of the most sought after items in military and law enforcement circles.  "HOG" stands for Hunter Of Gunmen. It's origins lie within the U.S Marine Corps Scout/Sniper School and is given at graduation. Before graduation recruits are called "PIG", or, Professionally Instructed Gunman (or "Grunt").

The Military HOG Tooth necklace has become a sort of good luck charm and has been adopted by law enforcement snipers, as well as civilian sharp shooters. It embodies the famous saying used by military and law enforcement units "one shot, one kill". These necklaces represent the enemy's one bullet which is intended to kill you. Having his bullet provides you total control of your destiny and the destiny of your  intended target.

The bullet is a Sierra Match Grade 190 Grain boat tail hollow point strung with 550 paracord. Used by sharpshooters, scout snipers, and law enforcement snipers.
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